Rio Tejo – Cais das Colunas

In the largest river of Portugal began the greatest adventure of the Portuguese. From the Tejo the ships and the caravels of the great discoveries departed. This was always the noble entrance of Lisbon, and on the marble steps of the Cais das Colunas, coming from the...

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Alfama is the oldest and one of the most typical neighbourhoods of the city of Lisbon. Its name derives from Arabic al-Hamma, which means baths or fountains. The most spectacular views over Alfama are the public walkway formed by the viewpoints of the Portas do Sol...

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Lisboa Story Center

Lisboa Story Centre is an innovative space dedicated to the history of the Portuguese capital, inspired by the wide array of facts and events that have shaped the city. Located in the East Wing of the newly renovated Terreiro do Paço, it has been designed as an...

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São Jorge Castle

The S. Jorge Castle - National Monument integrates the noble zone of the old medieval citadel, constituted by the castle, the vestiges of the old royal palace and part of a residential area for elites.   The fortification, built by the Muslims in the middle of the...

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The Palácio Vila Flor, located in Alfama close to Lisbon’s cathedral, built in the 18th century, belonged to the Earls of Vila Flor. The whole palace, in particular the courtyard and terrace, transports us to ancient Lisbon.

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